Douglas J. Campbell

Grand Secretary

Cataract Lodge No. 2
Lodge Office: 

Douglas J. Campbell has been a Mason since 1980 when he joined Richfield Lodge No. 334. Enjoying the Masonic ritual, he became an officer of the lodge almost immediately after taking his Master Mason Degree. He served Richfield Lodge as Master in 1988. By the time Doug was installed as Master of the lodge he was already a monitor on two of the three degrees and took the last monitor exam shortly after being installed.
As a Past Master, Doug was installed as a member of the Board of Custodians in 1989 by then Grand Master Ward Sonsteby. Now an emeritus member of the Board of Custodians, he served as the Chairman of the Board for a few years before being elected to the Grand Treasurer position in 1993. He held that position until 1997 when he was elected Grand Secretary. Doug is now in his 28th year as a member of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota and is serving his 21st Grand Master as the Grand Secretary. He has also served the Minnesota Masonic Foundation as a Board member and its President. Doug serves as the Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Michigan near the Grand Lodge of Minnesota and is a member of most of the appendant bodies found in Minnesota. He is a Past Master of the Minneapolis Consistory, where he was elected an Inspector General Honorary of the 33rd degree in the Scottish Rite in 2003. Doug's membership in Richfield Lodge No. 334 terminated when the lodge merged with Century Lodge No. 338 and Cataract Lodge No. 2 in 1999. He has served as the secretary of Cataract Lodge since 2000.
Doug resides in Minneapolis with his wife Patty. They have two adult children, Alyssa, who lives in Washington, D.C. and son David, who resides in Minneapolis. David joined Cataract Lodge No. 2 shortly after graduating from college. In his time away from work Doug enjoys family, friends, reading and travel in roughly that order.

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